Group Management

Our Management team is led by Mr. Stephan Midenet, CEO Seabed Geosolutions.

The general management of Seabed Geosolutions is led by a group of Executive Vice Presidents, with several senior support functions ensuring consistency across all activities.

Group Management as of 20 July, 2017

Stephan Midenet

Chief Executive Officer  


Jérémie Le Moal

Chief Financial Officer

Martin Hartdland

Martin Hartland

Executive Vice President - Performance  

Gregory Niellez

Gregory Niellez

Executive Vice President - Operations  

Erwan Postic

Erwan Postic

Executive Vice President - Operational Innovation  


Justin Mitchell

General Counsel 


Scott Platz

Vice President - QHSE  


Janell Zeug

Vice President - Human Resources  


Arne Rokkan

Chief Technology Officer  

Dr. Chris Walker

Dr. Christopher Walker

Chief Geophysicist