SEG 2016 Booth Presentations

SEG 2016 Booth Presentation Schedule

Topics and Abstracts

#1     Efficiency Enhancing Technologies – An Un-biased Survey Design Approach, Presenters:  Martin, Hartland, Richard Bottomley and Laurie Wigle

While it is widely recognized that ocean bottom seismic (OBS) data deliver superior image quality, oil companies consider it too expensive for large scale application. With the recent introduction of Seabed Geosolutions’ proprietary Manta® ocean bottom node system, we are able to unlock the potential of all our efficiency enhancing technologies, providing optimum balance with both receiver and source efficiency improvements. With our suite of proprietary node technologies, fully automated handling systems and innovative source solutions, we are able to deliver 4-C ocean bottom surveys that address the industry's demand for a cost effective alternative to high-end streamer data acquisition.  

#2     Blended Sources, Presenter:  Chris Walker

Traditionally, ocean bottom seismic (OBS) surveys have been constrained by the limited number of receiver channels available and the increased shooting time arising from the resulting duplicated shots. The key to efficiency with larger receiver spreads is to avoid being shot bound by using blended or simultaneous sources. The different approaches for blending and de-blending sources for OBS acquisition will be reviewed, and the limitations and preferred solutions to maximize operational efficiency without sacrificing data quality will be highlighted.