EAGE 2017 Booth Presentations

Topic:  Vietnam’s First OBC Survey in the Cuu Long Basin

Presenters:   Dr. Chris Walker and Tim Bunting

Since the majority of oil production in the Cuu Long Basin comes from fractured basement reservoirs, predicting fracture density and fracture orientation is key to exploration success and well productivity. We will discuss how high-fold, full-azimuth ocean bottom seismic 3D4C data can be used to describe these fractures and show how information on fracture density and orientation can be derived from several sources. Results will highlight the improvement in data quality (resolution, low frequencies, illumination, imaging and signal to noise) due to improved imaging of fractures and faults which can be directly mapped. Comparisons will be shown between 2016 OBS and existing towed streamer 3D data. Examination of the full azimuth OBS data will reveal azimuthal anisotropy on both PP and PS data where effects can be seen in azimuthally varying velocity fields, shear wave splitting and azimuthally varying amplitudes.