Seabed Delivers a Paradigm Shift

Time for a re-think?

Traditionally, ocean bottom seismic (OBS) delivered superior image quality but was mostly used for small scale applications due to budgetary constraints. But balancing efficiency through improvements in geometry combinations and acquisition techniques such as simultaneous sources has expanded the application of OBS to a much wider range of E&P objectives. These innovations have caused a paradigm shift where a 4-C full azimuth seabed seismic survey can be as cost effective as high-end streamer solutions.

Collaborate with our experts, who specialize in innovative survey designs and flexible deployment methods, to see how our state-of-the-art technologies such as the Manta® ocean bottom node system deliver safe and efficient acquisition as well as 4D repeatability in all marine environments.

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*Results of Dan Field Ocean Bottom Node (OBN) Survey - A Shallow Water Case Study.  Zaske et al., EAGE Conference (2014)