FlexNode On-demand Service

Introducing FlexNode - think inside the box

Seabed Geosolutions' FlexNode™ is an express, on-demand service for projects constrained by time, obstructions or geophysical complexities in challenging areas up to 3,000 meters of water.  FlexNode’s integrated project management, efficient mobilization and de-mobilization, flexible survey designs and scalable node counts are just the beginning.  FlexNode is the best choice when:

  • Time is of the essence
  • Geophysical complexities call for multi-component data
  • Unsurpassed repeatability is required
  • Under-utilized assets are available on-site for seismic use

This unique service solution also provides expedited processing turnaround of multi-component data. 

Seabed Geosolutions’ highly experienced crews work safely within your project constraints to deliver an express seabed seismic solution, when and where you need it most.